Shopping for bra is sort of difficult for women with small boobs, too, because they cannot wear just any size. However, having small breasts can be fun because there are wide variety of clothing to choose one but it should be partnered with right bra style and size. Kawaii lingerie is also great for women with small boobs.

There are different bra styles dedicated to small breasts women and so they are not limited. These styles can simple yet strikingly sexy in details. Scroll down what is the best bra style for women with AA cup:

Wire-Free Bras

Wireless bras always cater to women with A and B cups. Women with small boobs should not worry about gaping or extra space in molded cups. They are the most comfortable bras designed for small boobs that are available in the market with a subtle look to accentuate the sex appeal of women. Usually, they have adjustable straps with enough support. Its design and structure of the bra distribute the weight equally. It provides delicate yet adjustable comfort and shaping the breasts with moderate support.

These wireless bras are usually made with materials such as cotton, spandex, and polyester. Most of the time, it offers gentle support with soft cup as well as thick bottom.


Bralettes are trendy fashion item now especially with celebrities with A and AA cups. However, keep in mind that bralettes do not offer great support but a nice shape when one wears it. To compare this with bandeau, bralettes offer more sex appeal to the wearer. It has a feminine touch, offering a natural shape and working great just like push-up bra. Bralettes are light-weighted and offers a soft feeling. They are more suitable for V-Neck tops. This bra style is sometimes made with lace and nylon fabric.

Sports Bras

Perhaps, sports bras provide the highest level of support. This type of bra offers various styles for small-chested women, which is designed for different activities such as running and yoga. They are designed to give protection against too much bouncing situations as well as helping to resist chafing. It allows more ventilation while providing great nipple coverage. Generally, sports bra features T-Back design and has no-bouncing design as well.

Full Coverage Bras

This bra style definitely offers the most natural shape, making it lightweight when wearing one. The full coverage bras are completely available in each cup size. They provide a natural feel and accentuate the shape comfortably. Usually, it has no padded cups and it can be wire-free or underwire.

Underwire Bras

Perhaps, this is the most chosen bra style for women with small boobs. It offers great support and it looks good beneath various tops such as blouses and shirts. Women with small breasts should not worry because underwire bras offer comfortable ideal shape and great support. The best thing about this bra style is the invisible look that it offers because they are attractive and features incredible designs.

The bra styles mentioned above are not really difficult to find. Ladies can find them on different lingerie stores and in online stores too. Women with small boobs have so many options for cute bras in terms of design, comfort, and support, and so bra shopping would not be crazy. Happy bra shopping!

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