clear drinking goals

Dealing with alcoholism is not an easy task. Them that are battling addiction may feel like they are losing the battle in most cases. However, if one puts his mind to it, they can recover from alcoholism irrespective of how powerless or a drunkard one has become. The best thing is to start early, and it is important to focus on healthier heights. You can also try detoxification along the way as you accept that you have a serious drinking problem. These guidelines are helpful especially if you have set out on a recovery journey henceforth.

1. Identify and eliminate the generators

Alcoholism thrives because of different factors, some of which include the goings-on in relationships and family. Alcohol may seem like the best way to detach from verbal, control, physical or sexual patterns, parenting, and drug addict parents and so on. If these are some of the contributors to your alcoholism, you have to address them.

2. Set goals and prepare for a new phase

Once you decide that you are quitting alcohol, come up with clear drinking goals. These goals must be realistic, specific, and clear. You have to know if you are just cutting back on the amount of liquor that you consume or you want to quit altogether. If it’s cutting back is sure of the amount of alcohol, you will take in, for instance, a week. You also have to get rid of any temptation of taking alcohol especially if you are quitting drinking completely. Remove any alcohol-related paraphernalia from your office or home.

3. Dismantle all the drivers

Anything that drives you to take alcohol has to be dealt with. This regards emotional distress, anxiety or depressions emanating from generators (see no.1) to enable you to grow in strength. Many people use alcohol as an escape when their coping mechanisms of hopelessness, worry, stress, or dread fail to work. If you want to get sober completely, try detoxification and dismantle anything that drives you to take copious amounts of alcohol.

4. Unlock and implement your purpose

Living a life devoid of purpose can make someone start questioning the meaning of life in its entirety. This can occur especially if one courts failure one too many times. The frustration that comes with this can lead one down the dark alley of alcoholism. As such, if you are determined to deal with alcoholism, you have to know your purpose and implement it. This will help you achieve the freedom that you seek.

5. Get support

Alcohol addiction can be tackled in many ways. You can get therapy, go to rehab. Administer self-directed treatment and so on. Even when you try detoxification, support is very crucial, and there is no need of going through this process alone. If you have people who can encourage you and offer new lessons, guidance, and comfort, the process becomes easier.

This support can come from friends, family, counselors, recovering alcoholics, healthcare providers, as well as people within your community or faith. Friends and family can provide priceless support in this journey. If you feel like you are a letdown to them, therapy can help.

The effects of alcoholism do not only affect the person but also hurts the people close to him, especially the family. The recovery process is not easy, but you need not give up. You can win this fight if you are fully determined.

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