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Washing machines are life saviour of every family whether it is semi or fully automatic machine. Every design has its own specifications and features. Every year we can see new technologies being launched with them. This keeps us not only updated with the latest technology but also makes life easier. Motion detectors, 6th sense technology, child lock are few features that are becoming a necessity for us.

Every brand wants its product to be the most wanted and known by people. Different brands like Samsung, Electrolux, Godrej, IFB, Whirlpool, LG etc. have always tried to come out with something exclusive. It really gets difficult to make the right choice among so many options. Therefore, to make life simpler, CompareRaja has compared prices of all brands in different models and specifications. This helps you know which online site is providing fewer prices that are affordable. It compares more than 100 online sites which also includes e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

We all know that there are different kinds of washing machines in the market –

  • Semi automatic
  • Top loaded fully automatic
  • Front loaded fully automatic

These three are the basic concept of all brands. It is in these basic structures that settings and features are changed every time. Fully automatic is the most convenient model nowadays as it saves time for you to manage other things while the appliance is handling your wash independently, but semi automatic was the first one to be launched that saves energy and water as well.

Here are some advantages of buying a semi automatic machine over fully automatic –

  • Semi automatic machines are less expensive as they are partial manual and partial electronic.
  • In semi automatic, you pour water yourself, this helps you in making adjustments accordingly. Thus, if you have shortage of water then you manage your washing or spinning.
  • You can stop and run semi automatic anytime even when there is power cut. However, fully automatic cannot be interrupted while it’s washing clothes.
  • Although semi automatic keeps you occupied for the entire time as you have to drop clothes every time in spin tub but, that too is an advantage because, if there are clothes that need less washing then, you can add them in last minute. Or if you see any clothes that are shedding colour, it can be removed instantly.

If semi automatic has advantages then it has disadvantages as well –

  • They are less convenient as they keep you occupied the entire time, unlike fully automatic where you put all clothes, set timer and leave it to handle on its own.
  • Semiautomatic machine tangles your clothes. Whether you have agitator or impeller mechanism, in both systems, the machine is harsh on your clothes.
  • Since you have to move wet clothes to spin the tub, it might get risky if your electricity isn’t properly done because you can get shocks at the same time, which is hazardous.

There are lot many things that you might find interesting about semi automatic. It is up to you to decide whether you want a normal washing machine or hi-tech machine.

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