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It is necessary to understand that SEO is not an easy task and getting the website at the top ranking of Google is really difficult. There will be required careful planning as well as execution of strategies. Also, it is essential to know the changes introduced in the algorithms and tweaks. The process can be further simplified by using the right type of software and tools, especially if the need arises to work with numerous large sites.

About SEO automation

It makes seo process to become an automated one by using software, tools and other types of programs, thus reducing human labor. However, the whole process is quite complicated for it to be completely automated. Only specific SEO aspects can be, so as to free up good amount of time to carry out administrative and creative work.

The key will be to know what is possible to be automated and not. For instance, tasks such as data collection and site monitoring are to be automated to ensure collection of information on the go. Based on this data, decisions are to be taken. But SEO processes such as organic link building and content creation are not to be automated, since it will only derive low quality contents. Developing spammy links will also lead to penalization by Google, which is to be avoided. The best bet will be to identify the right combination of software and tools that can help to get the desired results in minimum time frame.

Some effective tools to automate SEO

  • SEMrush to help with advanced keyword tracking and research: For any result oriented SEO program, keyword research is considered to be the main foundation. The objective is to help the audience to find the business through search. Although Google Keyword Planner can be found to be a wonderful tool, SEMrush can be an excellent tool to save plenty of effort and time during keyword research. It helps to identify competitors’ best keywords, to observe position changes within the domains, for PPC campaigns and uncover those long tail keywords.
  • All in one monitoring with Cyfe: There is plenty of information to be tracked ranging from monitoring site rankings to catching up with advertising campaigns and checking out analytics. There can even be logging out and in of numerous dashboards. Cyfe is considered to be an all in one dashboard allowing the user keep proper and timely track of crucial marketing metrics, which includes SEM and SEO metrics. It can also pull data from various resources into single dashboard, to provide users with eagle eye view related to the SEO efforts undertaken.
  • Site audits and crawls with Screaming Frog SEO Spider: It is necessary to know what is to be fixed on the site for boosting search performance. It means having proper site audit process. Screaming Frogt is considered to be web crawling tool to help check broken links, analyses page titles, audits redirects, Meta data as well as discover duplicate contents. This tool can also create XML sitemaps as well as integrate Google Analytics. It can also be used for setting up scheduled crawls.

The above are few of the SEO automation tools used by the certified professional seo company india.

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