Tips for Economic Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins are one of the most effective ways of disposing unwanted materials from your industry, business, and home. However, you can save costs and time by determining the right skip size and avoiding extra charges that might be incurred. Here are some of the essential tips that would ensure that you get the cheapest deals for your desires.

Choose the right size of skip

You will pay more if you choose a skip that is too large, on the contrary, you will remain with a lot of unwanted waste if you pick a skip that is too small.

Be aware of what can and cannot be thrown into the skip

Some hazardous or unsuitable items such as asbestos are not permitted into the skip. Make sure that you have been fully informed of the materials that should be put in the skip so as there will be no waste being rejected or you will be charged a penalty to separate the waste. At times, incorrect items in the skip is a criminal offense.

Donate, recycle or sell some items.

Decrease the amount of waste by recycling, selling or donating extra items. Visit your local council so as they can tell you the local charities and companies such as that might be in need of these items. You should consider selling items like furniture using the available websites that do not charge any fee. Put recyclable items such as containers and plastic bottles in the household recycling bins. The council will collect them.

Check licensing and insurance

Before hiring a skip bin from a company, make sure that they are registered and have a valid license to collect the rubbish. You can check the company license from the public register. Insurance is vital in guaranteeing protection whenever something unfortunate happens during your skip hire. The company should provide you with a copy of Public Liability Insurance certificate on request. If you hire a skip form a company without insurance or license, you may be liable for complications or issues that will happen.

Take several quotes

 You should take more than one quote preferably three so as you can compare their prices. The quotes should include all the taxes, charges and costs. Ensure that you are aware of any additional or hidden fees that are likely to be incurred. Rather than selecting the cheapest company, go with your favorite company then use the quotes with low prices to negotiate lower prices.

Avoid council permits

If you are placing the skip bin on your property, then Council Skip permits are not necessary. Council permits are for skip bins that are to be placed on council property like roads. Place the skips along your driveway or lawn to avoid being charged for having an unpermitted skip bin. You can use wait service, whereby you load your trash into the truck while it waits if you do not need the skip for long.

To conclude with, there are many available ways that you can save the cost of hiring a skip. You can request a quote after determining the right size of the skip bin you need by visiting today and for more services.

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