Professional Event Management Dover

When you need professional event management Dover DE, you can trust us to make your experience as memorable and as smooth as possible. We take the care and time necessary to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. Each of the events that we put on is done to the client’s satisfaction, and our experience helps us to do work to exacting standards.

We handle every aspect of event management. One of the most important is working with the artist. Our Artist Technical Rider spells out our responsibilities toward the artist, such as the billing of the artist, length and presentation of performance, load in and out, security, merchandising, transportation, and free tickets and passes. Additionally, we handle the set-up of the dressing room, the back line, catering, and sound and lights. We work closely with the production personnel for the venue you, the client, choose.

We manage the artist schedule for aspects of the event like arrival and departure, pick-ups, press interviews, and store appearances. Finding great personnel like a stage manager, assistant production manager, security director, sound engineer, lighting director, stage technicians, and hospitality coordinator are also our responsibilities.

With our extensive database of venues and contacts, we help you to select the right place to hold your event. We handle the design and theme of the event and settle the costs of the venue before the event. We schedule a walk through so that you can be sure that the last-minute details of the venue meet with your satisfaction.

Marketing is another crucial aspect of any event. We have relationships with local and national radio stations. Ad schedules, writing copy, promotional mentions, ticket giveaways, and billboards are some ways we use radio to advertise your event. We can also do television promotions at the regional or national level.

Newspaper, although not as popular as it once was, is still a very effective way to reach your audience. Local papers are important for reaching an audience living near your event. Additionally, email marketing can reach many potential attendees, and social marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can also tell others about your event. Grassroots marketing campaigns in the forms of flyers and posters can also generate some revenue and attendance.
When you need professional event management Dover DE, contact us. We will help you organize and manage a successful event.

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